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Event: 100th Anniversary of World War I: Lessons Learned

Posted on May 17, 2014

Below please find an e-mail from Joyce about her two upcoming trips and an invitation to attend her upcoming MP event: 100th Anniversary of World War I: Lessons Learned. 

Dear Friends,

I am writing to update you on two trips I will be making in the near future. One is personal – a four-day tour of Canada’s significant World War I battle sites such Ypres, Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, and the graves of fallen Canadian soldiers, to learn more about this seminal event in Canadian and world history.

The other is business – as Defence Critic I will represent you and the Canadian Parliament at an annual meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Association in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Given the deep concerns of Eastern European nations about current Russian aggression in Ukraine, this promises to be an interesting session.

In June one hundred years ago the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria led to a gruesome four-year war in which 20 million civilians and nine million soldiers, including sixty thousand Canadians, lost their lives. Countless others returned home maimed or suffering “shell-shock”. Nevertheless, the Canadian Expeditionary Forces made significant contributions to the Allied victory, earning a reputation for their courage and achievements.

WWI was not to be the “war to end all wars” after all. However, one hundred years later it still serves as an important reminder of war’s horror for soldiers and civilians alike, and the importance of resolving conflict through means other than force.

Canada has an enviable reputation not only for our capable and professional armed forces, but also for leading peace operations and democracy-building in troubled regions of the world. The recent ending of Canadian operations in Afghanistan creates the opportunity for a renewed vision for Canada’s contribution to international peace, security and humanitarian aims.

In mid-June I will host a local event –100th Anniversary of World War I: Lessons Learned

I look forward to your thoughts on how the lessons learned can help us re-shape Canada’s international role and responsibilities for the future.

Where: Ryerson United Church Memorial Centre Hall (across 45th Street)
2195 West 45th Avenue (at Yew Street)

When: Saturday, June 14, 2014–10am to Noon
RSVP: or call 604-664-9220
Joyce Murray, MP
Vancouver Quadra and Liberal Critic for National Defence