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International Women’s Day: Progress made, more to do

Posted on March 8, 2014


(Vancouver, BC) International Women’s Day celebrates the progress women have made and also calls attention to the gaps that still remain. This year’s theme is – Equality for women is progress for all.

“Women have truly come a long way in short period of time,” said Joyce Murray, Vancouver Quadra’s Member of Parliament at the lunch reception she hosted in honour of the day. “I remember that my own mother needed her husband’s permission to attend the School of Architecture at UBC; she was the only woman student at that time.”

“A common misconception remains that all of the battles for women have already been won. Despite considerable progress, today, women still face challenges in both the corporate and political world.”

In 2011, women held only 25% of senior management positions in Canada, although they were 43% of the labour force. The percentage is the same in the House of Commons, with women being elected to only 76 seats out of 308, despite women comprising half of Canada’s population.

“We need to make it possible for Canada’s women to secure more leadership roles in business and government,” said Murray.
“When there is equality for women there truly is progress for all.”

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