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Come help the Vancouver Quadra Liberals!

The Vancouver Quadra Liberals have just started two new projects.

The first project is a membership renewal drive. We have volunteers making  phone calls from their homes daily. The set up process is quick and easy, and with just one hour of your time a week you can make a difference!

The second project is a weekly canvassing project. We are door knocking, mainstreeting and doing literature drops to connect with as many people as possible, and informing them of the new supporter model. The supporter model is a new way to get involved with the party. Supporters are able to vote for the next leader of the Liberal party without having to buy a membership. You can sign up online here. Being a supporter allows you to have an influence on the future of the Liberal party.

Making phone calls and canvassing is a fun way to stay involved with the Liberal Party of Canada!  If you want to participate in either of these projects contact our field worker Stephen Koke at or fill out the form below.

To thank our volunteers we hold regular events where volunteers can relax and get to know other members of the Liberal party who help out in Vancouver Quadra.


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